Jayaho Jagan!

Its Jagan all the way! YSR congress party is far ahead of all other parties in Andhra Pradesh, while in Telangana its a race between KCR & Congress. There is an unequal fight in Andhra region, where Jagan is set to win two thirds of the the Assembly seats and the 125 year old congress and the 30 year old TDP are likeliy to lose deposits in many constituencies.


By letting in rich politicians into the partty, TDP has managed to create an impression that it has rapidly improved its position to defeat YSRCP. Its true that it managed to create an image, only an image, because voters are still with jagan while leaders move from one party to another.


Come what may, people are determined to vote for Jagan and defeat both these old parties. Nobody can change this now, even if all the parties unite and fight YSRCP.



YSRCP in Nellore may get 10 out of 10 seats and the main opposition party TDP may see humiliating defeat of its candidates in 2014 elections.While Congress is at its worst position without any worthwhile leadership, Chandrababu is failing to enthuse the voters, despite going against own beleifs and announcing schemes like massive loan waiver schems for farmers, Self help group women and all others. Despite his low credibility he is promising the impossible. All we can say is 'keep trying Babu' and better luck next time!!

This time it is Jagan
Monday, March 31, 2014

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